To receive Credit "P" grade, students must complete all course work, including exams, and attend all required meetings. A "P" grade is judged to be equivalent to a grade of "C" or higher. A No-Credit "Z" grade will be awarded for course work judged to be below the grade of "C."

You have a set number of days from your start date to request to change your grade option. See the table below to determine the deadline based upon the length of your course.

For example, in a fourteen week course you will have until the 11th calendar day to request to change your grade option.

Class Length Deadline to Request
Two Weeks 1st Day of Class
Three Weeks 2nd Calendar Day
Four Weeks 3rd Calendar Day
Five Weeks 4th Calendar Day
Six Weeks 5th Calendar Day
Seven Weeks 5th Calendar Day
Eight Weeks 6th Calendar Day
Nine Weeks 7th Calendar Day
Ten Weeks 8th Calendar Day
Eleven Weeks 9th Calendar Day
Twelve Weeks 10th Calendar Day
Thirteen Weeks 10th Calendar Day
Fourteen Weeks 11th Calendar Day
Fifteen Weeks 12th Calendar Day
Sixteen Weeks Within 14 days including the first class period

You may request to change your grade option yourself by following these easy steps:

Step 1 Log into your course

Step 2 Go to your gradebook

Step 3 During the timeframe that you have to request a grade type change you will see a link that is called "Change Grade Option" at the top of your gradebook. Click on that link and follow the directions to change your grade to the Pass/No-Credit Option.

It is the student's responsibility to request advisement concerning the transferability of a grade of "P" or "Z."